Tailormade solutions to help reduce your energy usage.

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We believe that everyone should be using less energy. By identifying and implementing simple techniques, we can help you to reduce your energy consumption.


Welcome to Cura Energy. We are an energy services provider, creating tailor-made, efficient solutions designed to reduce your energy usage.

Established in 2011, we have steadily grown our business through a pioneering spirit, our great people and solid relationships with our clients, helping them to understand and control their energy costs.

Cura Energy can survey, recommend and install the latest metering systems whilst our experienced energy team ensure that the installation provides relevant and accurate data.

We are a leading provider of Building Energy Management Systems (BeMS) and an approved installer of Trend and Siemens systems amongst others.

Aligned with the best energy reduction products available, we can advise on how to further reduce your energy consumption and have a range of solutions and services to suit with products from lighting and HVAC to renewable technologies.

Our expertise ranges from multiple-site rollout programmes to smaller bespoke schemes and includes the commercial office, retail and financial sectors.

Established in 2011
A market leader for energy savings

Providing value driven ideas and innovation

With you all the way, from concept to completion

“Reducing energy use makes perfect business sense. It saves money, enhances corporate reputation and helps everyone in the fight against climate change”
“UK businesses could save approximately £23 billion per year by making simple changes to use resources more efficiently”
“It is fact, that companies can save up to 30% on their bills with the implementation of an energy metering system”


We will never just come in, install and then go - that’s never been the Cura Energy way and never will be.


We see ourselves as your guardian for energy efficiency and reduction, providing a range of service packages which can be tailored to meet client requirements.

Our team of experts are based in Kent and have the capability to operate nationwide and across Europe.

With ongoing advancements in new technology, energy products and the various systems available within the marketplace we make it our role to be armed with the latest up to date information and be at the forefront of instigating change.

Our clients can be confident that our experience of different product applications allows us to tailor project processes, installation programmes, deliver on agreed targets and act as an extension to your business.

We do evolution every day, what we really aspire to is bringing revolution to our industry and you our client.

Information is only valuable if you use it

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In order to manage energy usage you need to be able to measure, analyse and control it.

Cura Energy Engineers can survey, recommend and install the latest metering systems whilst our experienced energy team ensure that the installation provides relevant and accurate data.

Using a wide range of metering systems, data is displayed directly to fixed screens, tablets, smartphones or dashboards in a variety of formats to suit the common goal of achieving sustainable energy plans. This can be achieved with a fully managed monitoring system that really delivers.

Once your metering solution has been successfully installed and validated the Cura Stat Room can analyse the data to see where energy is being used and where it is being wasted. The data gathered is a vital tool to enable measures to be taken that increase your energy efficiency, reduce your costs and improve performance.

Contact us to learn more of how you can start to reduce your energy costs.

Cura Energy is a leading system integrator providing a wide range of BeMS packages.

We are proud to be an approved supplier and installer of the following BeMS system houses, Siemens, Priva, RDM and Trend.

Whether your business is local, national or global, we can help keep your workspace energy efficient through effective design, manufacture, engineering and commissioning, irrespective of project size. Our solutions are 100% energy focused and tailored to suit your needs, keeping systems easy to operate, without compromising conditions or the operational performance of your building.

Of course not all BEMS systems need to be created from scratch. We can improve and refurbish existing ones, integrating them seamlessly and our skilled teams can create a range of energy saving software for new and existing systems.

We know energy reduction and compliance is a constant challenge as businesses face tougher penalties for not meeting regulatory commitments.

Aligning ourselves with the best energy reduction products available, we can review your installed metering and management systems and advise on what additional actions can further reduce energy consumption.

We have a range of solutions and services to suit with products from lighting and HVAC to renewable technologies. One of our latest products, developed by Cura Energy is Live eye™ which enables Store Managers, Energy managers and stakeholders to review gas, electricity and water usage live - in real time. Live eye™ can relay energy readings to you whilst you are on the go to web enabled devices such as smartphones or tablets wherever you may be in the workspace.

Contact us to learn more about how our services, technology, products and initiatives can help reduce your projects energy consumption.

The integration of lighting controls and BeMS enables building owners to manage over 75% of their building’s energy usage.

At Cura Energy we want our Clients to receive maximum benefit when it comes to reporting and managing energy demand within their buildings providing energy efficiency whilst enhancing comfort and productivity.

Our localised lighting control solution provides optimum management and control of any room using the state-of-the-art DALI64 Sensor which has lighting technology integrated into the PIR sensor itself. This simple and intuitive approach eliminates the typical complexity and high maintenance costs often associated with traditional DALI systems.

DALI simple addressable wiring is installed to connect the master sensor to each luminaire which reduces wiring errors, time, planning and more importantly simplifies installation. Soft wiring means changes can be easily applied to lighting without physically re-wiring. Plus, with our range of Bluetooth switches we can easily relocate if any moves or changes occur within your building space.

Our team of experts can create sophisticated lighting scenes and groups to generate an enhanced working or learning environment and we commission using a Bluetooth connected smart device and the Ex-Or Light Touch Application. Added benefits include compliance with EM 15232 Controls Building Parameters at a room level when the DALI64 is linked to a Trend Building Energy Management System.

Contact us to understand how lighting control can enhance your buildings energy efficiency.

We offer different service level packages for the on-going maintenance of your metering, building management systems and energy reduction products.

Our structured aftercare service ensures that new or existing systems operate as intended and continue to operate efficiently whether via a preventative or reactive maintenance visit.

We use the latest web-enabled technology to monitor how systems are operating, quickly identifying any issues so they can be resolved remotely or on-site, either by Cura engineers or your own in-house team.

Our Cura Engineers provide national coverage, who are multi skilled to investigate all issues from a completely holistic approach, providing you with true long term value.

Our Bureau Facility operates 365 days a year with a proactive support helpdesk contactable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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At Cura Energy we have a diverse range of Clients and believe in providing them with the best quality service possible.
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So Why Choose Us?

Our expert Team is a mix of fresh thinking talented people who are with you all the way, offering guidance and advice, from concept to completion.

We commit to provide you with innovative strategies, specialist skills and a decisive result.

We have a proven track record of delivering consistent, high quality services to the UK’s biggest retailers.

Our people ensure your needs are fully understood and targets are achieved to deliver the right result, every time.

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